WOW surprising Hungary

This summer, Belgium turned out to be one of the best incoming markets for Hungary, despite the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in today.
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This shows that Belgians already love Hungary, and this has not gone unnoticed. The Tourist Office decided to draw up plans for the Belgian travel market. To this end, they resolutely want to enter into cooperation with travel professionals. Going together for a positive future! They already want to share inspiration and knowledge with you.


10:00 — 11:00

Ga met ons mee op virtuele reis.

Wat mag je verwachten?

  • A general introduction to Hungary
  • A short update on Covid-19, but above all a lot of travel inspiration
  • Outdoor possibilities: nature, active tourism, walking and cycling
  • Culture: Budapest and other places of interest
  • Wellness: spas in Hungary
  • Information on Wine and Gastronomic Experiences

In the presence of the Tourist Office of Hungary and some of their partners.

Hungary means...

Incredibly rich architecture, an authentic culture, more than 1.000 natural water sources, numerous spas and one of Europe’s most lively cities. Hungary has many assets and is much more than Budapest as a thriving city on the Danube. Here you can taste top wines, once at the top of Europe and again in full swing. With a gastronomy that attracts a lot of international attention. A folk culture full of lively traditions and natural highlights such as Lake Balaton. Welcome to Hungary!

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This movie brings you in the right mood.

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