Hier geht's los: media campaign urbanana

The brand urbanana was created by Tourismus NRW to highlight the urbanized region of Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr region, more specifically in terms of urban culture and creative business. With Thx.agency, we were appointed in 2022 to promote the brand and its offerings to a young, culturally oriented, and urbanized audience in Flanders.


To introduce urbanana as a brand to the market, we came up with the baseline "Hier geht's los", firstly to make it clear that urbanana is a region in Germany and secondly to show that it is a region with a lot of things going on. We developed a local urbanana.be landing page that we filled with blog stories and videos developed by local Flemish content creators who got the chance to discover the buzzin’ region. This landing page was further pushed through a targeted online marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Google, as well as through an urban posting campaign in the main Flemish center cities, a media campaign in Metro and a collaboration with Horst Festival in Vilvoorde.


Let's talk facts

The results

The urbanana campaign reached approximately 4 million people. The BE landing page registered 200,000 unique visitors from Belgium, while our videos generated 72,000 views. This way, we marketed the brand urbanana to a large part of the young, urbanized population in Flanders.

Total reach

4 million

Unique visitors landing page


Video views

The process

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