TraviQ, screening the travel market

Travel behavior has changed over the years. New holiday segments are emerging and some trends are turning into new travel patterns. Almso the travel industry is changing with new players launching very specialised activities. But how can you detect them? And how can you see which are the most relevant companies to engage in discussions with to introduce new destinations or products? These questions also kept busy. After all, we want to continuously keep our finger on the pulse of the Benelux travel market. The answer to this is TraviQ, a smart tool with which we and our customers can use to screen the market.

Travel Trade Scanner

In order to easily detect which travel agents and tour operators sell which destination or travel segment, we looked for a way to screen their offers. We came up with a solution in which we map the digital footprint of a travel company. What do they sell? Which destinations or products do they communicate about? Or in other words, what do they have in their shop windows? We do this by analyzing the websites based on keywords, a bit like an offline Google. Search terms based on destinations, regions or product segments allow us to find relevant results.

Today we have mapped out the entire Belgian and Dutch travel market in this way. TraviQ enables us to provide our customers with maximum support in their product development in the Benelux. We know perfectly who to contact for events, study trips, sales calls, or co-marketing.


  • The tourism boards of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland and Catalonia are already actively using the tool
  • Thanks to TraviQ, we expanded the offering of our customer VisitBrabant. We were able to contact companies in a very targeted manner leading to a higher success ratio
  • Events for clients like Slovenia became a great success because we attracted a large number of new tour operators or travel agents that they had not previously come into contact with
  • Connections between travel trends and the travel market were made easy. This way you can clearly see which trends are already being absorbed by the travel industry and what you can best focus on
  •'s B2B reach grew significantly on a Benelux level


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The Benelux Travel Market


Today, TraviQ analyzes more than 900 Belgian travel companies and more than 2900 companies from the Netherlands. What do they sell? Which destinations? What profile do they have as a travel company? What are their basic contact details? Questions that can now be answered easily.

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