Social media & influencer marketing for CNTB

CNTB wanted to increase the number of visitors in pre- and post-season. In addition, the tourism board wanted our help to engage and inspire its existing audience on Facebook, generate new followers and reach new travelers on various platforms. 

Our solution

We position Croatia as a diverse, year-round destination with a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. How? By turning existing content into inspiring or informative Facebook content with attractive images and strong copy. We drive conversation and create a sense of community by sharing user generated content. We also invite influencers to create new stories from their own experience, with a particular focus on the lesser represented areas inland, the numerous options for an active holiday and the mouth watering culinary scene. In 2019, we organized a Croatian Christmas dinner under the flag of C-Soiree. A selected group of +/- 30 influencers enjoyed a wine tasting, a cooking class and a lovely Croatian Christmas dinner


The numbers


After one year, both reach and engagements increased on Facebook. We also generated a lot of positive coverage on travel and lifestyle blogs based on the participation of online influencers in CNTB trips. 


+ 54 %


+ 55 %

BE tourist arrivals

+ 6 %
The approach

What did we do?

Overall strategy:
  • Educate consumers on the variety of experiences available in Croatia, with a particular focus on the lesser represented areas inland, the active options available and the culinary scene
  • Drive conversation on the regional Facebook page and create a sense of community. With the changes to social algorithms, conversation and personal interaction are becoming vital for social success
  • Position Croatia as accessible and aspirational (includes harnessing influencer opportunities)