Slovenia meets the Belgian travel industry

Slovenia is one of those destinations that has been on the rise in recent years. Despite its modest size, it is an incredibly diverse country. 36% is a protected nature reserve, which makes it one of our top destinations in terms of nature and active tourism. Feel free to call it the green heart of Europe. An asset that the Slovenian Tourist Board takes to heart by also fully focusing on sustainability. Apart from that, you will find here a perfect symphony between culture, gastronomy and greenery. It is also a popular destination among the Belgian travel industry. was therefore commissioned to develop a high-quality event in which travel agents and tour operators enter into discussions with about 15 local partners, thereby strengthening ties and relationships even further.

Event organisation organizes various events every month for numerous destinations and customers. These are always worked out into the smallest detail. Everything starts with finding the most suitable location, where we consciously look for places with a unique setting. Appearance and catering are paramount. We take care of the audiovisual material ourselves thanks to our regular audio partners, so that we have control and quality in our hands at all time. No one wants something to suddenly go wrong while giving a presentation, for example.

We also leave nothing to chance when it comes to communication. We provide a beautifully designed invitation, set up broad or highly targeted communications for the most qualitative target groups, engage trade media and use our own social media or those of groups for travel professionals. In addition, thanks to our TraviQ tool, we also know in a very targeted manner who sells certain destinations or focuses on specific segments. As you can see, we worked on all fronts for the Slovenia event:


Via our webiste you can find an overview of current and some past events:


Succesfull event


On the 18th of September, around 60 travel professionals entered into discussions with various representatives from Slovenia. The feedback about the destination and the possibilities in terms of experience and offering was positive. Both Belgian guests and our customer could look back on a successful evening in which the destination was once again put in the spotlight by both major players in the market and specialists.

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