PR-representation Tourism Authority Thailand

Thailand is the number 1 Asian holiday destination for Belgian travelers. The destination is being offered by all major tour operators and with several airlines offering flights to Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, the destination is easily accessible. The challenge is to maintain the growth of tourist arrivals from Belgium as well as promoting Thailand as an upscale travel destination.

Our solution

In order to keep the number of arrivals up and running, we portray Thailand as a mature destination which continues to surprise visitors with its unknown hidden gems. How? By creating refreshing press releases and inviting media and online influencers on press trips to off the beaten path destinations.

In 2018 Thailand was the Country of Honor at the Brussels Holiday Fair and in 2017 Gault&Millau made a culinary guide about Thailand. These prestigious projects keep the destination top of mind while focusing on the natural assets of the destination: culinary richness, culture and festivals, upscale accommodations and diversity in regions. 


The numbers


From 2016 until 2020 Thailand had a constant rise on tourist arrivals from Belgium. Also yearly spendings from Belgian tourists in Thailand increased which means we were able to reach the right target audience of quality tourists.

BE tourist arrivals

+ 1,5%K




30 mioK
The process

What did we do?

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