PR & influencer marketing for Sunny Cars

Sunny Cars wants to position itself as the most trustworthy car rental company. The company stands for all-in insurance without hidden costs and wanted our help to convey their message to the Belgian customers. Since 2016, has been their representing agency on the Belgian market.

Our solution

We keep Sunny Cars top of mind with inspiring and newsworthy press releases on a regular basis. From the best roadtrip ideas to car rental tips and trends or upcoming roadtrip destinations. But we're not the only ones telling the Sunny Cars story. What better way than to let seasoned travellers experience the benefits for themselves? That's why we collaborated with a variety of Belgian travel bloggers and journalists and launched the Sunny Roadtrippers Club. These happy few, a.k.a. ambassadors, received extra benefits, additional information and were invited to private events and/or press trips for roadtrippers only! 


The numbers


Sunny Cars is perceived as the reference when it comes to car hire thanks to the extensive media coverage they have achieved and the numerous collaborations with journalists and influencers over the past few years. In 2019, Sunny Cars reached more than 23 million Belgians through coverage in various online and print media and collaborations with bloggers.


23 mio




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