PR & influencer marketing for Corendon

Corendon is one of the biggest touroperators in Belgium and the Netherlands, offering a wide range of destinations, e.g. Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Curacao and Gambia. has been the representative PR agency for Corendon on the Belgian market since 2012, supporting Corendon in its transition from niche touroperator and challenger to one of the leading travel companies in Belgium.

Our solution

We communicate about the different destinations Corendon is offering, with a focus on departure airports of Brussels and Maastricht. We invite media to get acquainted with the newest destinations and hotels and we have set up an influencer ambassador program, selecting influencers that match with the Corendon brand and reach the right target audience. In addition, we also organize events on a regular basis and set up interviews with Corendon executives. In 2019 we supported Corendon on one of the biggest PR stunts ever made: installing a real Boeing 747 in the garden of the brand new Corendon Village Hotel near Amsterdam. 



The numbers


Corendon has become one of the top-3 touroperators in Belgium, thanks to the extensive media coverage it gets each year. With a targeted selection of influencers we ensure that Corendon remains top of mind for different age groups.

Media reach

75 mioK

Influencer reach

940 K +K
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