Introducing Costa Barcelona as a new brand

Did you say Barcelona? Because that makes you think of the exciting city of Gaudí. And so it should. But Barcelona is so much more. It is a worthy competitor of the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada that lie to the north and south. 

Together, the former Costa Maresme and Costa del Garraf create a charming holiday destination with 100 kilometres of gorgeous coastline and a bewitching inland landscape. 

This destination recently appeared on the map under a new brand: the Costa Barcelona. And had something to do with it: we introduced tour operators and other travel organisations to this little pearl.


Our role?

Costa Barcelona was not new to most tour operators. The destination has been showing off in travel brochures for a long time. But under the name of the former Costa Maresme. Or the Costa Brava or Costa Daurada - for commercial reasons.

Our task? Making sure the destination shines in all travel brochures as Costa Barcelona. And to inform tour operators about the numerous possibilities of the costa. 

We did that through comarketing campaigns with tour operators, B2B communication from the Travel360° platform and the creation of a sales manual, among other things.


Mission accomplished


Costa Barcelona is clearly popular. A lot of tour operators are already confidently using the new brand name. Thomas Cook, TUI, Caractère, Voyages Léonard, Diederik Reizen and Imagine Travel all offer the destination. To name but a few examples

Online trainings

Sales Manuals

Lots of meetings

The approach

What did we do?

Overall strategy:
  • Educate consumers on the variety of experiences available in Croatia, with a particular focus on the lesser represented areas inland, the active options available and the culinary scene
  • Drive conversation on the regional Facebook page and create a sense of community. With the changes to social algorithms, conversation and personal interaction are becoming vital for social success
  • Position Croatia as accessible and aspirational (includes harnessing influencer opportunities)