Blog Campaign Westtoer

In 2018, Westtoer wanted to play into the nostalgic feeling most Belgians have when they think about the Belgian Coast. Family holidays. Playing in the sand. Looking for sea shells. Enjoying the sun. Spending time together. Yes, this list could become quite long, but you get the idea right? We wanted to invite Belgian content creators that love the Belgian coast so that they could share their best tips and tricks and their memories.
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Our solution

To discover which coastal towns our influencers had a personal connection with, we've set up a little poll to find the best matches. Afterwards, we invited two bloggers with the most interesting connection stories to each of the 10 coastal municipalities to share their personal favorite hotspots and coolest tips. Together with these bloggers we reminded Belgians that the Belgian Coast is a great destination in any season. From taking refreshing hikes and eating pancakes during winter time to splashing around and enjoying water sports in summer time. 


The numbers


This campaign was focused on creating inspiring stories and shooting beautiful images. It resulted in a lot of great content which we also used to inspire tourists on the inspirational page of the website of De Kust. In total, the campaign reached more than 320,000 people in one year time. Of course, the blogposts will continue to inspire readers for years to come. 



Engagement rate

The process

What did we do?

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