An immersion in the Netherlands, country for cyclists

The Netherlands has long had a strong reputation when it comes to cycling. It is in the DNA of the Dutch and the country has been committed to bicycle-friendly mobility for years. To reinforce this positioning, the NBTC developed an AI tool with which allows you to transform any street in the world into a more sustainable and bicycle-friendly environment. On the occasion of the launch of the tool and to outline the plans for 2024, NBTC wanted to organize a unique and exclusive event in Belgium to which the best trade contacts, journalists and influencers were invited.

Immersive experience

What if we really let people cycle as if they were in the Netherlands? That was immediately the basis for the event. We looked for a venue with 360° projection possibilities, rented some home trainers and went on a bike ride through the Netherlands. Not a boring presentation, no, the participants got on their bikes themselves and we immersed them in the destination. A video crew went out with some go pros and provided unique material that allowed you to really see yourself driving through some beautiful Dutch landscapes.

To reinforce the event hosted at Plein Publiek in Brussels and the strenghten the positioning of the Netherlands, we added up the kilometers driven. The total number of kilometers was converted into euros and trees were planted in Belgium and the Netherlands. In this way, the participants of the event immediately contributed to a better and healthier living environment, both at the destination and in Belgium. Position the Netherlands as a sustainable cycling country and at the same time launch the AI app and share novelties in a unique way? Mission accomplished!


Incredibly fun concept


An exclusive and unique event was set up on December 18. The participants were all impressed, both by what the Netherlands has to offer as a cycling country and by the 360° immersion in the destination. Experiencing a presentation while cycling was clearly enjoyed as a refreshing new concept.

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