Trends and opportunities for tourism 2.0

Today, your priority is to relaunch tourism. But after that, there is a chance for your destination or travel brand to think about a tourism 2.0.

Thx.agency closely monitors the Belgian travel market for its clients. At the beginning of the year, we were still talking about the growth of the industry. In recent years, we have seen the Belgian wanderlust grow and the forecasts for 2020 were promising. Now, the travel industry is in the middle of the storm. The challenges are huge, but in the long run, there are also opportunities in the development of a tourism 2.0.

The situation is changing rapidly. If you communicate about the current impact and measures, you will soon be overtaken by reality. If you would like a state of the art overview of the current situation for your travel brand or destination, you can always contact us. We are happy to help. 

We like to constantly look for opportunities in the market. For opportunities to continue communicating now, but also for trends for the future of which we expect that they will only accelerate their breakthrough now. You already saw a change in travel behaviour towards other forms of holidays, travelling with more purpose, travelling more consciously with more value for yourself and respect for your environment.

Trends that will undoubtedly accelerate soon

Travel with more personal value

Consumers are looking for other ways to travel, with more enriching experiences. It does not always have to involve more sun, sea and sand. Travellers are discovering new destinations, new ways of discovering a country, with a taste for authentic experiences. Travel is evolving, away from the mainstream towards travel with more personal value. You also see niches in the travel market becoming more important. Travel more tailored to interests, hobbies and life philosophy. The way we travel and the choices we make are changing.

Growing awareness of sustainability

Flight and travel shaming is talked about more and more in the media. Consumers are indeed becoming more aware of their impact on the world. It is no different for travel. The growing awareness of sustainability is something you have to take into account as a travel brand or destination.

Wellness, health and body awareness

Wellness travel, fitness travel, yoga travel, meditation. People are becoming increasingly aware of their own bodies. They take time for themselves. Time to work on their mental and physical health. A trend that is also visible in travel, whether for couples, singles or small groups. We also choose more active holidays in nature. 

Multigenerational holidays

In a hectic life, the opportunities to really be together are very limited. The same applies to different generations in families. We increasingly see that grandparents go on holiday together with their children and grandchildren. Now that we have had to miss each other for such a long time, these multi-generational holidays will be planned with more regularity.

Are there opportunities for tourism 2.0?

Today, your priority is to relaunch tourism. But after that comes a chance for your destination or travel brand to think about a tourism 2.0.

Hopefully, soon we will all see the real value of travel. Because travelling is a unique opportunity to enjoy life but also to learn and grow. In contact with local people from all over the world, but also with respect for their environment. A more sustainable way of travelling where one can also take a closer look at the margin. 

So it's probably time to look at trends, holiday experiences and holiday products.

Thx.agency often zooms in on trends and travel niches. Together with our clients, we analyse the opportunities in the market, look at how we can work with them and set up a targeted action or communication plan to further develop the market.

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